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Wellcome to my blog
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jonathan Reed’s Hoax Alien

Jonathan Reed’s Hoax Alien

The Great Encounter Debate…

So this event has very little middle ground. You either find this ridiculously fake or you feel this is the closest thing to contact we have ever had. Neither is wrong, but the debate continues decades after the event happened.
UFO Watch Dog has a lot of damning evidence against John Bradley Rutter. This man claimed to be a doctor, long before this alleged encounter. There is also a claim that he has changed his name, or has 12 different alias’s, BEFORE and after the video was filmed. Rutter is highly allergic to Dogs and has never owned a Dog in his life. Lastly, he has changed the story more than once.
So where does that leave us? His claim of walking his dog is a complete lie. This is undeniable. We are left to wonder why would he claim to be a doctor, BEFORE this encounter, in fact never even went to college. He has even changed his name multiple times prior to the Alien encounter… we start this article off with lies, deceit and falsifications.
I have a nice list of things that I have questions about:
  • We already know he is a liar, Jonathan Reed is not his real name, in fact this is one of clse toa dozen name changes before and after the event.
  • For someone who wants to document it, he never takes off the aliens clothes (which look like human clothes), we never see the hands, feet, legs, or any other part of the body.
  • It actually doesn’t look like there is a body in there, just some clothes in the shape of a humanoid. If this creature could rip a dog in two, a simple hit on the head deflates thi creature and his strength?
  • I find it hard to believe that human blood looks very much like… alien blood.
  • The alien never moves. Not even a twitch. It blinks it’s eyes, and that is all. No movement from the flat body, no head turn, no mouth movement.
  • So the alien has enough strength to rip a dog in two, but not enough to move it’s arm or leg or head?
  • Why didn’t the “Dr” call the Police or have other people witness it?
  • Reed recorded the alien “screaming” not with a video recorder but a tape player. Reed claims it was visible and bubbly? really? No VIDEO of that?
  • While picking up the head and skull the alien did not “scream?” So just by opening the freezer door it screams but playing with a head wound… it doesn’t?
  • On Fact or Faked they had a FBI voice analysis of “Dr” Reed and he was flat out lying… about everything. This is very arguable, but still another question I would like answered.
  • He could make a lot of money from this, books, interviews, videos, etc.
  • He had the cameras all ready for the aliens, but not for the mysterious vans in his driveway?
  • There is absolutely NO OTHER witnesses. Who tipped off the “mysterious vans?” Was it the costume rental company retrieving its alien mask?
Rutter changed his story. The first “story” he claimed the Alien found a way out of his freezer and escaped on his own accord. So that begs to question, the alien couldn’t move a muscle when Rutter was filming it… yet the alien could open a freezer from the inside with no handle, and escape. But there is absolutely NO movement in the Alien in this video. So my theory, is that Rutter decides the first story just is not going to be feasible. So he concocts a story about mysterious vans. “Mysterious Vans” that have no real description, that show up despite no witnesses. Again, you are suspending disbelief to believe this encounter. If we are keeping a tab, we have no REAL proof, or anything that is solid. It is all extremely shadey and far fetched.
So lets move on to the fact he calls himself a Doctor, and yet doesn’t keep samples, takes readings, tries to help or anything really. No experiments and no measurements. Unless he is Doctor Love from Rock 98 – this is yet another head scratcher. Why do you bother to film something, keep it in the freezer and at least, in some way, maybe try to help it. Not very humane is he?
I won’t even comment on the find the hovering object and walking his dog story, that we already know is a big lie from his allergies and the lack of blood on the alien (ripping a dog in two would cause a little bit of blood to get on you). You never owned a dog and your allergic to them. This is just simple fact and nothing anyone can say will change this lie and falsity.
I get a lot of feedback from this article, and I am sorry if the facts and information I know punch holes in your beliefs. I do not mean to be condescending or baligerant, but there is absolutely no proof Rutter had an Alien in his freezer. A poorly shot, planned, acted video with a horrible alien doll is not proof, in fact it diminishes this event. Take the evidence, and it is crystal clear this guy is career con artist and these people are falling for his act.
If you want to believe, I encourage you to believe. Just don’t fall victim to hoaxes.
NOTE: All the comments have been disabled on pretty much any of these videos on youtube. I wonder why? Maybe because they want it to be as real as possible and having people state Fact or Faked debunked this easily, would put a little doubt in peoples minds.



Embedding was not allowed so here is the direct link: YOUTUBE VIDEO EP9S01.


An article debunking the claim.
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