Wellcome to my blog

Wellcome to my blog
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Sunday, July 8, 2012



 In the past decade many reports of abduction
by visitors from outer space have occurred.
Both men and women, but mostly women,
claim to be abductees. These abduction stories
often involve being examined by aliens while
lying naked on a table.
 The first published account of personal
abduction came from Brazilian rancher Antonio
Villas-Boas on October
    15, 1957  Villas-Boas was taken aboard a
UFO to have sex with an alien. (She pointed to
where their child will be born.)
 Abductions in England The Day family of Aveley, Essex,
England, underwent a loss of memory following their
abduction experience of October, 1974. They were
driving home when they encountered a UFO that
interfered with their car radio, this much they remember.
 But when they got home they found it was two hours later
than they thought - and it subsequently emerged under
hypnosis that they had been taken aboard a UFO by aliens
that looked like those pictured here (left). They were
subjected to medical examinations.
 January 25, 1967, South Ashburnham,
Massachusetts. Aliens enter Betty
Andreasson's home and take her to
undergo a spiritual experience.
Eventually the entire family became
involved in this strange abduction case.
 In November of 1989, Linda Napolitano was
floated out of her 12th story New York apartment
complex and up into a hovering saucer-shaped
disc, along with three anomalous beings. The abduction
was seen by witnesses from several angles and
 From February 1991, to the present time, independent
witnesses have contacted Bud Hopkins and come
forward with their testimonies to the November 1989
abduction. So far, eighteen individual witnesses on
different levels are involved in the case.

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