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Wellcome to my blog
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book: “Ami el Niño de las Estrellas”.

Book: “Ami el Niño de las Estrellas”.

Chapter 4. The Police!

We came to the first street with street lights. It must have been about eleven at night.
For me just walking around town so late at night was an adventure, but I felt protected by Ami.

While we were strolling around, he paused to look at the moon through the leaves on the trees. At times he told me that we should listen to the croaking of the frogs, the chirping of the night crickets, the distant murmur of the waves. He stopped to breathe in the aroma of the pines, the tree bark, the soil. Often he halted in his tracks to admire a house that looked pretty to him, or a street or a street corner.

Look how pretty those street lights are... Pretty enough to paint... Check out how the light falls on that vine...

And those roofs outlined against the stars... Life is there for you to enjoy fully, Peter. Try to pay attention to all that life offers you... The marvels are there to be found every moment... Try to feel, perceive, instead of thinking. The most profound sense of life is found beyond thinking... You know what, Peter? Life is a fairy tale comes true... It’s a beautiful gift that God has given you...because He loves you.

His words made me see everything from a new point of view. It seemed incredible to me that this was the normal, everyday world that I’d never paid much attention to... Without even having noticed it before, I realized now that I lived in a place that looked like paradise...

We arrived at the town square. Some teenagers were standing at the door of a disco; others were talking in the middle of the square. The place was very peaceful, especially now that the summer season was coming to an end.

No one paid any attention to us, despite the strange outfit Ami was wearing. Maybe they just assumed that it was only a kid’s costume...

I imagined what would happen if people knew what kind of kid was passing through town. They’d surround us; newspaper reporters and the people from the TV news would show up...

No, thanks! said Ami, reading my mind. “I don’t want to become a martyr...”

I didn’t understand what he meant.

First off, they’d take me prisoner for having entered the country ‘illegally.’ Then they’d think that I’m a spy and they’d torture me to obtain information... After having squeezed me like a lemon, with methods that aren’t very loving...the doctors would want to take a look inside my little body... No, thanks!

Ami was laughing as he mentioned all these horrible possibilities.

We sat down together on a park bench away from all the people. I thought that the extraterrestrials should show themselves little by little so that everyone would become accustomed to them and then, one day, come out in the open.

We’re doing something like that, but showing ourselves openly... I already gave you three reasons why that’s not advisable. Now I’m going to give you one more reason, the principal one: the laws forbid it.

What laws?

The universal laws. In your world there are laws, right? In the civilized worlds there are also general norms that everyone must respect. One of these tells us not to interfere in the evolutionary development of the uncivilized worlds.


We call uncivilized worlds when they don’t fulfill the three basic requirements.

Which are they?

The three requirements that must fulfill a world to be called civilized are: first, to know the Universe fundamental law; once you know and practice this law, it is easy to fulfill the other two. Second to be a unit, you must have an only world government. Third you must be organized according to the Fundamental Law of the Universe.

I don’t understand very well. What is this foundation law... Of what?

You see? You’ve never heard of it,” he was making fun of me. “You’re not civilized.

But I’m just a kid... I think that the adults must have heard of it, the scientists, the presidents of countries...

Ami laughed loudly. Adults? Scientists? Presidents? Those less anyone, except some rare exception!

Which is that law?

I’ll tell you about it later.

Really? I was all enthused, thinking that I would know something that almost no one else did.

If you behave yourself,” he joked.

I started thinking hard about this prohibition against intervening in non-evolved planets.
Then you’re violating this rule! I exclaimed with surprise.

Bravo! You didn’t miss that detail.

Of course not. First you said that intervening is forbidden. And yet here you are talking to me... This is intervening... Or isn’t it?

What I’m doing is not intervening in the evolutionary development of the Earth. Showing ourselves openly, communicating in a massive form, this would be intervening. This is part of an “aid plan”.

Please, explain it better.

It is a complex subject, I cannot explain you all because you will not understand it, perhaps I would do it later; At the moment I will only tell you that the “aid plan” is a sort of “medicine”, that we must give sparingly, gentle, delicately... very delicately...

Which is that medicine?


Information; what information?

Well, after the atomic bomb started our spaceships sightings. We do that in order that you get evidences that you are not the only clever beings in the universe, which is information. Later we increased the frequency of those sightings, which is more information. Later we will allow you film us. At the same time we will make small contact with some people, like you, and we also send “messages” in mental frequencies. Those “messages” are in the air, like the radio waves, they will arrive to all people; some people have suitable receivers to pick them, other people cannot. Who receive them can believe that are your own ideas; others believe that is divine inspiration; and others understand that those messages are send from us. Some people express those messages quite distorted by their own ideas or beliefs; but there are people that express those messages almost pure.

And will you appear later in front of everybody?

If you do not autodestruct yourselves before, and after you fulfill the three basic requirements. It cannot be before that.

It seems selfishness that you do not intervene to avoid the destruction, I said, feeling a little upset.

Ami smiled and looked toward the stars.

Our respect for the liberty of others is based upon love. This is why we must allow people to attain the destiny that they deserve. Evolution is a very delicate matter and we can’t intervene in it. We can only ‘suggest’ things very subtly through ‘special’ people like you...

Like me? What’s special about me?

Maybe I’ll tell you later. For the moment you only need to know that you have a certain ‘condition’ which is not necessarily a ‘quality’... I have to go soon, Peter. Would you like to see me again?

Of course. I’ve really come to admire you in this short time.

I’ve come to admire you, too. But if you want me to return, you have to write a book about everything that you’ve experienced with me. That’s why I’ve come here. It’s also part of the ‘aid plan’...

Me? Write a book? But I don’t know how to write books!

Write it as if it were a story, a fantasy. If you don’t, everyone will think you’re crazy or a liar. Besides, you have to write it for the ‘kids.’

Ask for help from that cousin of yours who likes to write. You can tell the story and he can write it down.

Ami seemed to know more about me than I did myself.

This book will also be information. More than this we’re not permitted to do. And now I’ll give you another reason why. Aren’t you glad that there is not the slightest possibility that an advanced, but evil, civilization could invade the Earth?

Yes, of course.

You see? This is because we never have helped any evil civilizations... And just imagine what would happen if you folks on Earth didn’t overcome your violence and egotism and yet we still helped you to survive.

Right away you would use your new scientific knowledge to try to dominate, exploit and conquer other civilizations in space...and the evolved Universe is a place of peace and love, of fellowship, of cooperation.

Besides, there’s another type of very powerful energy. Compared with this energy, atomic energy is like a match compared with the Sun... We can’t run the risk that a violent world might come into possession of this energy and endanger the peace of our evolved worlds, let alone produce a cosmic catastrophe...

I’m real anxious, Ami.

Because of the danger of cosmic catastrophes, Peter?

No, because I think it’s too late...

Too late to save humanity?

No, it is too late for me to be still awake.

Ami was laughing his head off. “Chill, Peter. We’re going to see your grandma.”

He took the small television from his belt hoop and my grandma appeared on the screen sleeping with her mouth open. “She’s really enjoying herself,” he joked.

I’m tired. I want to go to sleep, too.

Fine, let’s go.

We were walking back to my house when a police car drove by. When they saw two children alone at that time of night, the policemen stopped the car, got out and came over to us. I was really afraid.

What are you two doing around here so late?

Walking...enjoying life, Ami answered very calmly. What about you guys? Are you working? Hunting down criminals? And, as usual, he laughed.

When I saw how Ami was acting in front of the police, I was even more afraid than I’d been before. But they thought my friend was funny and laughed along with him. I tried to laugh, too, but I was so nervous I couldn’t.

Where’d you find that outfit?

On my planet, he replied nonchalantly.

Oh, then you must be a Martian.

Not a Martian, but I am an extraterrestrial.

Ami had answered happily, as if he didn’t have a worry in the world. I, on the other hand, was even more uncomfortable.

So where’s your UFO? asked one of them, watching Ami with a certain paternal expression on his face. The policemen thought they were just playing a kids’ game. But Ami was simply telling the truth.

I parked it at the beach, under the water. Didn’t I, Peter?

And now he was getting me mixed up in this mess! I didn’t know what to do. I tried to smile and could only make a stupid face. I didn’t dare tell the truth.

Don’t you have a ray gun? The men in uniform were enjoying the conversation. So was Ami, but I was feeling more and more confused and worried.

I don’t need one. We don’t attack anyone. We’re good.

What if a bad guy came at you with a gun like this? The policeman showed him the gun, while pretending to be threatening.

“If someone tried to attack me, I’d paralyze him with my mental force.”

Let’s see it! Paralyze us.

I’d love to. You asked for it. The effect on you will last for ten minutes.

The three of them laughed hard. Suddenly Ami got very quiet and looked at them intently. In a strange, loud, deep, authoritarian voice he ordered, “You will remain immobile for ten minutes. You cannot, you cannot move... Starting NOW!”

And they stayed frozen there, with smiles on their faces, right where they’d been standing. “See, Peter? In worlds that aren’t much evolved all you need to do is tell the truth as if it were a game or a fantasy,” he explained to me as he touched the nose of one policeman and then gently pulled the mustache of the other. Both of them stood there petrified. The smiles on their faces were beginning to look tragic to me.

Everything that Ami was doing made me even more afraid.

Let’s run away! Let’s get away from here! They might wake up, I told him, trying not to talk too loud.

Don’t worry. We still have a lot of time before the ten minutes are up, he said, and, just to have a little fun, he switched their caps, turning the bill to the back...
I only wanted to be far away.

Let’s go! Let’s get out of here, Ami!

You’re worrying again, instead of enjoying the moment... Fine, let’s go, he said, resigned. He approached the smiling policemen and, with the same voice he had used before, he ordered, when you wake up, you will have forever forgotten these two boys.

When we reached the first corner, we turned toward the beach and left the policemen far behind.

I felt much better. How did you do that?

Hypnosis. Anyone can do it.

I’ve heard that not everyone can be hypnotized. That could have happened with one of them.

Everybody can be hypnotized,” said Ami. “And what’s more, almost everybody is hypnotized...

What do you mean? I’m not hypnotized! I’m awake!

Ami laughed a lot at this. “Do you remember when we were coming down the path?

Yes, I remember.

Everything there looked different to you. Everything looked beautiful, right?

Oh, yes... It seems like I was hypnotized there... Maybe you hypnotized me!

You were awake! Now you’re asleep, believing that life does not have any marvel, that all is dangerous. You are hypnotized, do not listen the sea? do not perceive the night scents?, you’re not conscious of your waking steps nor your eyesight; you’re not enjoying your breathing. You’re hypnotized, with negative hypnosis, you are like those people that believe that wars have any “glorious”, as those people that suppose that who do not share his hypnosis is his enemy, as who think that you wear give any value to the person,; all that is hypnosis, all people is hypnotized, slept. A person starts to awake every time that starts to feel that life or any moment is beautiful. An awaked person knows that life is a marvelous paradise and he enjoy it every moment... But we cannot ask so much to an uncivilized world... where some people commit suicide... Do you understand how craziness is? ... They kill themselves!

Seen like that, the way you’re describing it, you’re right... Why didn’t your jokes bother those policemen?

Because I took their good side their infantile side.

But they are policemen!

He looked at me as if I had just said something really dumb.

Everyone has good side an infantile side, Peter. Almost no one is totally bad, if you want, let’s go to a jail and look for the worse criminal...

No! Thanks a lot!

People are in general more good than bad although in this planet. Everybody thinks that is making a good thing when you do something, somebody makes mistakes but it is not evil, that are mistakes. It is certain that when they are slept are serious and until dangerous, but if you reach their good side they return you all the good they have, if you reach them by their bad side they return you their evil, nevertheless all people like play in any moment.

Then, why is there more unhappiness in this world than happiness?

People are not bad but the old systems they used to organize. The people have evolved, the systems have remained back. Bad systems make people suffer, they make unhappy people, and at they end they make that people do mistakes. But a good world organization system is able to transform the bad people to good ones.

I didn’t understand very much theirs explanations.

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