Wellcome to my blog

Wellcome to my blog
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Extraterrestrial life news. Shining white UFO appeared over Jerusalem Shrine.

Extraterrestrials are aware of the Hercolubus (Planet X) inbound process that is going to happen on Earth, because they are very conscious beings, and they are ready to help us in the End Times, so they are trying to accustom us to their presence, in order to avoid frightening us when they have to come to help us.

As we really are in the beginning of End Times, Extraterrestrials are going to appear more and more frequently in front of us.

An example was the UFO that was clearly seen in the night sky, above a Jerusalem shrine few days ago, on January 28, 2011.

The UFO descended above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine, before flashing a light to the city into the night sky. It then ascended again and disappeared.

The sighting was filmed from different viewpoints.
Extraterrestrials have a very high conscience level that allow them to go from planet to planet instantaneously, because in the upper Nature dimensions there is not time nor space, all remain in a eternal present, it is a little bit difficult to explain that with words because words belong to the mind world, the 5th dimension, but Extraterrestrial are in the 6th dimension, the soul world, and words can not describe that is beyond the mind.

They are very respectful of us, so they do not want to interfere with our civilization process; nevertheless they will have to carry out a very important role when Hercolubus will arrive, so they need to appear visible time to time currently in order to avoid scaring us in the future.

We can reach the same conscience level they have; the first step to get that is to know our inner reality.

To know yourself means to know your inner soul and your inner psychological defects.

Inside of us there is also our inner Mother, that has been represented in all cultures, Egyptians call her Isis, Aztecs call her Tonantzin, Alchemists call her Stella Maris, Indians call her Devi Kundalini Shakty, Greeks call her with several names: Cibeles, Rea, Adonia, Insoberta; Christians call her Maria.

She is inside of us in our Heart, She is our Inner Divine Mother, and any person has his inner Divine Mother in his Heart.

Every time that you see a inner defect, you have to ask immediately to your Inner Mother that disintegrate it, and she will do it instantaneously, then you will receive the essence spark that was trapped in that defect, so you will increase your essence level, your conscience.

To increase your conscience is like switch on an inner light.

You will notice that you do not have questions to make, because you know all the answers, you do not need to follow anyone because you know... all.

Another thing you will notice is that circumstances around you start to change, because your bigger inner essence attracts new circumstances.

In fact this is the only way to change the world, changing yourself.

Just now when you are reading this, see inside you, to see what you think, what you feel, which sex impulse you have, and any time that you detect any defect, mistake, concern, vice, etc. ask immediately to your Inner Mother “My Mother delete this defect” as a child that ask to his mother.

Your inner Mother is a part of your Spirit, a part of your Inner Being, She is in the 7th dimension, the Spirit world, so She has a big power very much bigger than any psychological defect, because defects belong to the mind world, the 5th dimension. So She can disintegrate instantaneously any defect.

See what you experience after ask a defect deletion, because nobody could explain it to you.

In the stone entrance of an ancient Greek temple was carved:
“Know yourself and you will know the Universe and its Gods”.

To know yourself is to open the door to the real Wisdom, to the Truth.

Have inner light.

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