Wellcome to my blog

Wellcome to my blog
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Extraterrestrial Life Breaking News. Scientists Can Identify Planets With Extraterrestrial Trees. May 27, 2011.

Regarding Extraterrestrial life, scientists are already looking beyond single-celled organisms and are developing techniques that would show multicellular life.

In a recent study published in the journal Astrobiology, researchers explains a mathematical technique to detect tree-like multicellular structures on extrasolar planets.

The mathematical technique used is known as bidirectional reflectance distribution function, or BRDF. It is defined as the change in reflectance of an object viewed from different angles. The method is already used on satellites orbiting Earth.

"This technique allows us to identify planets that potentially have complex life and distinguish them from planets with simple life," said lead author Christopher Doughty, a junior research fellow in tropical forest science at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford in England.

"The BRDF technique can distinguish between a planet dominated by single cellular life and that of tree-like multicellular life," Doughty said.

The scientists are already admitting that trees on other worlds will develop similar shapes to the Earth trees, and some astrobiologists think plants on other planets will have a different dominant color than green.

With this news, the scientists are preparing us to announce that there are more advanced civilizations in other planets.

In fact we are not the only inhabitants of our solar system and our galaxy; instead, we are lowest ones.

We are not able to travel to other planets because of our poor conscience level that limit not only our spiritual development but also our technical capabilities.

The crews of the different Extraterrestrials spaceships communicate between them telepathically, without telephones nor computer screens, because they have all their faculties awakened.

The Extraterrestrials know very well the terrible catastrophes that are going to happen soon on Earth due to the Hercolubus (Planet X) inbound, so they have theirs interplanetary spaceships ready and prepared to take off and to rescue all those people who work increasing his conscience level. They know everyone, so it is not necessary to call them because they know us inside and out. When the time comes the rescue will take place in those ships.

Unfortunately as nobody has interest to awake his conscience there will be very few people who will succeed. This is because nobody wants to work to delete his inner psychological defects and instead everybody intellectualizes everything. The mind produces theories, as it is the ego (our inner defects) itself bringing them out. What we need here is action, to begin once and for all the work we have to do.

Well everyone has in his hand the possibility to make this inner work, in other words, to know yourself, which means to develop the heart knowledge.

So you have to choose, to do it or not to do it.

That is your decision.

Have inner light.

For more info about Extraterrestrials role in the End Times see: www.planetahercolubus.com

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