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Wellcome to my blog
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Extraterrestrial Life Breaking News. Russian Scientists Announce a Near Encounter with Extraterrestrial Civilizations. June 28, 2011.

Extraterrestrials know very well the Hercolubus (Planet X) inbound process and the terrible catastrophes that it is going to cause on Earth, so they are prepared to help us in the End Times.
An international symposium on the search for Extraterrestrial civilizations opened at the Applied Astronomy Institute in St. Petersburg yesterday to sum up the results of the 50-year-long search for alien life forms.

Russian scientists announce humanity to encounter alien civilizations within the next two decades.

"The genesis of life is as inevitable as the formation of atoms. Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years," said Andrei Finkelstein, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Applied Astronomy Institute.

If water can be found there, then so can life, he said, adding that aliens would look like earthlings: "they will have two legs, two arms and a head."

"Possibly, they will have a different color of skin, but the same happens here. While we have been searching for Extraterrestrial civilians, we have been waiting for messages from space, not the other way," Finkelstein said.

About 1,000 exoplanets - planets circling around stars like the Sun - have been found and 10 per cent of them resemble the Earth, researchers said.

There will be life on such planets if there is water, Russian scientists claim.

With this news scientists are preparing us to announce that there are Extraterrestrials beings quite more advanced than us.

In fact the interplanetary spaceships of the Extraterrestrials are ready and prepared to take off and to rescue all those people who work increasing their conscience level, in other words, people that have delete theirs inner psychological defects.

They know, the have a great wisdom, the hearth wisdom, so it is not necessary to call them because they know us inside and outside. When the time comes the rescue will take place in those ships.

Unfortunately there are very few who will succeed, this is because nobody wants to work deleting his inner defects and instead they intellectualize everything. The mind produces theories, as it is the ego, our psychological defects, themselves bringing those intellectual theories out.

What we need here is action: to begin once to know our inner actors that manage our actions and delete any of them, that is all the work we have to do.

If you do that you will become as the same Extraterrestrials, you will get the hearth wisdom.

So be prepared, because if scientists are going to admit more advanced Extraterrestrial beings, it means that the Hercolubus inbound is near.

For more info about Extraterrestrials role at the End Times see: www.planetahercolubus.com

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