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Wellcome to my blog
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1966-Encounter at Gulfport, Mississippi


Gulfport, Mississippi, UFO
Gulfport, Mississippi, UFO

We shall call our witness Eve. Eve was only 12 years old when she had an eerie encounter with the unknown. She was living with her Aunt and her cousins in Gulfport, Mississippi, during the summer (July) of 1966. Gulfport is only a short distance down the coast from Pascagoula, which would be host to the landmark 1973 abduction of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker.

Someone Was Watching Her:

Playing in the back yard with her cousins, she began to feel a strange sensation... like something or someone was calling her, or watching her. She turned to look behind her, and was stunned by the sight of a craft in the distance. The craft had an array of colored lights, an alluring sight to a twelve-year-old girl.

Strange Sense:

The lights were blinking on and off. They encircled the strange craft, and these lights seemed to be of a color she had not seen before, and were extremely bright and clear. In her own words, "The more I looked, the more I wanted to keep looking." Though the onset of the sighting had been unnerving, she now felt a strange sense of contentment.

Could Not Respond:

She could not take her eyes off the craft and its twinkling lights. The sighting had interrupted the children's game of "hide and seek." Eve was "it," and since she was taking too long to find anyone, the others began to call for her. Eve could hear their cries, but she could not respond to their pleas. She was strongly drawn to the craft, as if she was glued to its presence... its charm.

The Extraterrestrials:

She turned back to get one more look at the craft, and noticed it was much closer now. She could see two beings inside through a window! She could make out part of one of their bodies, and another being seemed to be controlling the UFO. The two appeared to be conversing with each other. Both of the beings had long, slender arms, and the pilot of the object seemed to be focusing on Eve now.

The White Beam:

The UFO moved even closer to the ground now. Eve could hear no sound, but felt she was being targeted. In her frantic run for safety, she looked back to see where the house-sized object was. A white beam was now projected from the bottom of the object, obviously searching for Eve. She made it to the bushes before the beam could find her.

Three More UFOs:

There were now three other craft just like the first one she saw. Eve could sense they were working in unison. The four craft were now moving slowly. Should she make a run for the house? No, not yet. Oh no! Another craft now filled the place of the first one, and began searching the ground around the house and the bushes.

A Run for the House:

She ran for the house, and tried to open the screen door. There was no answer. "Where was everybody?" she thought. She called to her Aunt, who eventually came to the back door in her bed clothes. She asked Eve, "Who are you?" Eve said, "It's me."

Missing Time:

Her Aunt asked her what she was doing out so late. Eve told her that her cousins had just came in a few minutes before. Her Aunt's reply shocked her, "Everyone has been in bed for a while." In Eve's mind, she had only been outside about five minutes after her cousins had ran into the house. She wondered, "What had happened?"

What Happened?:

Her cousin also stated that she thought Eve was safe inside the house with the others before the doors were locked. The strange UFO and its occupants are gone now, but Eve's haunting memories are not. She, to this day, does not understand what exactly occurred or why. She turned her story in to one UFO investigative group, but no follow-up was done, and she was basically ignored. The case was not recent enough, she was told. The significance of what happened to Eve is not diminished by the passing of time. It is as important today as it was then.
Did Eve go into the house as the others claimed? Was she then abducted by the occupants of the UFO? Eve was too afraid and traumatized at the time to tell anyone what happened that summer night in Mississippi. Eve now wants to tell her story.

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